The staffs of company were invited to attend the 11th international conference on Aluminum alloys (ICAA11)

    The board chairman and general manager of company Prof. BianXiufang and Liu Xiangfa and the research staff Ding Haimin were invited to attend the the 11th international conference on Aluminum alloys (ICAA11) during September 22 to 26. The conference was held in Aachen Germany. About 550 delegates from 35 countries and area took part in this conference.
    The researchers and enterprisers discussed the developments and challenges in Aluminum alloys filed. Some new research results about Aluminum were presented.
    Prof.Liu made a lecture in the conference whose title was ˇ°Series of Al-P Master Alloys and Their Applicationˇ±. The research development and application of Al-P master alloys was introduced in this lecture. A lot of researchers were very interesting in those products..
    Another product Al-Ti-C master alloy was also introduced in the form of Poster in the conference by research staff Ding Haimin.



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